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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin at play in the shallows near the island of Bimini

ReefNews, Inc. is dedicated to the education of children. Our oceans are an essential part of our planet, and only through knowledge of these oceans will we be able to use and protect them responsibly. ReefNews was established in October, 1997.

ReefNews publishes information about the fishes, mammals, and invertebrates that live in the oceans through our website, e-ReefNews e-mail newsletters, CD-ROMs, and other publications. These resources teach oceanography (including biology, geography, physics, and meteorology), and the basic skills and using computers. Although intended for children in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, these resources are used and enjoyed by students of all ages. Watch our website for new information about the ocean. You'll meet our authors, travel the world's oceans to exotic islands, walk on U.S. National Seashores, visit National Marine Sanctuaries, and see beautiful pictures of the magnificent creatures that live on the reef and in the open sea.

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