ReefNews CD-ROM RN-2001-01

Bimini: Jewel of the Gulf Stream

This is a sample of one of the slides from the presentation "Bimini: Jewel of the Gulf Stream" on this CD-ROM by the same name. The CD-ROM contains WAV audio narration for the slides. There are 86 slides about Bimini's tropical reefs, and 56 slides about the Bimini's islands and people.

The CD-ROM also contains 16 issues of Volume 2 of the e-ReefNews newsletter and an archival copy of the ReefNews website.

Social Feather-Duster Worms

Tiny Social Feather-Duster Worms live in colonies on the reef. Their heads are about one inch across and they live in tubes that are several inches long. In this picture you can see the tubes in which the Feather-Duster Worms live. When they feel threatened, they pull their heads down into their tubes in the blink of an eye. Social Feather-Duster Worms catch plankton in their nets of tissue on their heads.

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