ReefNews CD-ROM RN-2003-01

San Salvador: Jewel of the New World

This is a sample of one of the slides from the presentation "San Salvador: Jewel of the New World" on this CD-ROM by the same name. The CD-ROM contains MP3 audio narration for the slides. There are over 230 illustrations of the culture, coral reefs, and marine life of San Salvador.

The CD-ROM also contains 16 issues of Volume 3 of the e-ReefNews newsletter, and a cartoon movie about the site of the Christopher Columbus landfall in 1492.

Nassau Grouper

Nassau Groupers used to be common throughout the Caribbean. These huge fish can be up to 3 feet long and weigh as much as 50 pounds. But these fish are delicious, and overfishing has made these fish scarce on many reefs throughout the Caribbean. We were lucky to see and swim with this 2-foot-long Nassau Grouper. It was so friendly it swam up to us and gave us many chances to take beautiful pictures of this spectacular fish.

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