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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin at play in the shallows near the island of Bimini


Learn about our oceans. ReefNews is here to teach you about our oceans. Use our web site to discover some of the millions of beautiful creatures that live in the oceans. Go to your library to find books about the oceans. Watch television programs about the oceans on PBS. Visit aquariums in cities near you. And use the ReefNews web links to find other web pages about the oceans.

Protect our oceans. Be careful what you throw away; trash can sometimes find its way into the oceans. Don't pollute the oceans or their seashores. Use biodegradable soaps. Don't pour oil or other chemicals into drains, rivers, or arroyos. Remember that almost every surface on the ocean floor is covered with living creatures. Be careful when walking or swimming not to crush or disturb sea creatures. Don't drop anchors onto the living reef. And obey laws about fishing and boating, because they help protect our ocean resources.

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Support ReefNews with your tax-deductible donation. ReefNews is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization. If you are a student or a teacher, then we offer this web site for your use for free. Otherwise, please help ReefNews with a donation of five dollars or more today. We'll send you a receipt, documenting your donation for your income-tax return.

Write to ReefNews. We'd love to hear from you. Do you like our web site? What have you learned about the oceans from us? How are you using our web site in your classroom? What can ReefNews do to help you learn more about the oceans? You can write to ReefNews at our e-mail address:

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