Volume 4       Number 4

In this issue:
- Colorful Coral-Eater: The Princess Parrotfish
- Delicate Tentacles: Spaghetti Coral
- Getting Close: ReefNews Underwater Naturalist Tessa Dowell
- In the News: ReefNews Receives Grant


  Colorful Coral-Eater: The Princess Parrotfish        Back to Top

The Princess Parrotfish is common near many Caribbean reefs. Click here for more about this colorful fish.


  Delicate Tentacles: Spaghetti Coral        Back to Top

Some corals have long tentacles to catch their prey. Click here to learn about these Spaghetti Corals.


  Getting Close: ReefNews Underwater Naturalist Tessa Dowell        Back to Top

Sometimes the only safe way to get near the coral reef is to stand on your head! Click here to meet ReefNews naturalist Tessa Dowell.

  In the News: ReefNews Receives Grant        Back to Top

Since 1997, ReefNews has brought the beauty of the oceans to students and teachers around the world through the power of the Internet. ReefNews is supported by tax-deductible contributions from corporations, foundations, universities, and many generous individuals. This week, ReefNews received a grant from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation that will help continue the ReefNews website and web services, will make possible the production of a new ReefNews educational CD-ROM about the island of San Salvador in The Bahamas, and will allow ReefNews to make in-person classroom presentations to many schools across northern New Mexico.

You can help ReefNews with your personal contribution! ReefNews presently is collecting contributions that will bring Digital Video to the ReefNews website! Click here to learn how you can support ReefNews.



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