Volume 4    Number 16

The "Forgotten Photos":
The Gray Angelfish

Gray Angelfish, Cat Cay, The Bahamas

You never can tell what you might find forgetten in the bottom of a suitcase. When cleaning out a spot in my office, I came across several "forgotten photos." A couple of the pictures were really good, like this picture of a Gray Angelfish.

The Gray Angelfish is common in the northern Caribbean, which is where we saw this fish. The Gray Angelfish is one of the largest of Angelfish in the Caribbean. A full-sized adult may be as much as 14 inches long, which was about the size of the fish in this picture.

The Gray Angelfish is covered by a pattern of black and gray dots. This pattern may be designed for camouflage, to help hide these big fish as they swim and hunt near the reef. Gray Angelfish are often seen swimming near corals. The coral animals, called polyps, cover the surface of coralheads. Those tiny polyps also form a pattern of spots. Maybe the spots on the Gray Angelfish are intended to blend in with a background of corals. What do you think? Compare the spots on this Gray Angelfish to the corals in pictures on the ReefNews website.

Read more about the Gray Angelfish and learn what it eats and how it swims on the ReefNews website, at http://www.reefnews.com/reefnews/photos/bimini/gray.html.



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