Volume 5    Number 3

Great Barracuda near Jackson´s Wall at Little Cayman

Great Barracuda near Jackson's Wall at Little Cayman

This is a Great Barracuda. Great Barracudas are spectacular fish. They can be enormous, up to 7 feet long, and this Barracuda was about 4 feet long. Barracudas are bright silver. They have pointed snouts and big tails.

Great Barracudas look fierce, and a lot of people are afraid of these fish. Barracudas have big, sharp teeth. But there is no reason to be afraid of these fish. Barracudas will swim beside you and may even follow you around.

ReefNews photographer Jonathan Dowell took this photo using a Canon A2 camera with a 28-105 mm zoom lens in an Ikelite housing. The ocean was warm, about 87 degrees Fahrenheit at the surface.



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