Volume 5    Number 8

Excitement from Down Under:
White-Tipped Reef Shark and Remora from Australia

Excitement from Down Under: White-Tipped Reef Shark and Remora from Australia

Sharks are more common near some reefs. It may be because of the food found there, or how the ocean currents flow past those reefs, or for some other reason. Whatever the reason, there are some reefs where sharks are common, and some reefs where sharks are seldom seen.

ReefNews contributor Todd Adams saw this White-Tipped Reef Shark near a reef near Australia in 2003. These sharks were common at that reef, and Todd saw several of them.

White-Tipped Reef Sharks are only found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These sharks can be big, up to 7 feet long. This White-Tipped Reef Shark is identified by several features. First, notice the small white tip on the top of its dorsal fin. This white spot gives the shark its name. Also notice that this shark has five gill slits, its pectoral fins are far in front of its dorsal fin, and that the two fins near the shark's tail are large and both about the same size.

Right underneath this shark is a small Remora. Remoras are hitch-hiker fish with suction cups on the tops of their heads. They will find a large, fast fish such as this Reef Shark, and use the suction cup to hold on while its host pulls it through the water.

ReefNews contributor and photographer Todd Adams donated this picture for ReefNews to use. Thanks, Todd!

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