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School of Schoolmasters near Bimini

School of Schoolmasters near Bimini

ReefNews photographer John Andre found these pink-phase Schoolmasters on a reef near Bimini. John has made many trips to Bimini, and counts this tiny island in the Bahamas among his favorite places to dive.

Schoolmasters are a members of the family of fishes called Snappers. Snappers are hunters that are built for swimming fast, with swept-back fins and streamlined bodies. Snappers may eat crustaceans or small fish.

As their name suggests, Schoolmasters are often found in schools. They hang out in groups near the reefs during the day, often swimming away from the reef at night to hunt. Schoolmasters are sometimes found in mixed-species schools, hanging out near the reef with groups of similar fishes such as Blue-Striped Grunts.

The Schoolmasters in this picture are an unusual color. The bodies of these Schoolmasters have a pink tint. The more-usual color for these fish is silver. Either pink or silver, Schoolmasters are identified by their size, shape, and bright yellow fins.

What other fast-swimming fish can you find on the ReefNews website? Fish that can swim fast are identified by streamlined bodies, often with sloped snouts; swept-back fins; streamlined tails that often are forked; and a narrow caudal peduncle (the part of the fish's body where its tail is attached).

Compare these Schoolmasters from Bimini with the Schoolmasters from Grand Turk in e-ReefNews Vol. 6 No. 5, at



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