Volume 6       Number 6

In this issue:
- Reef Squid Dances in Midwater
- Star Coral Faces Erosion in the Shallows
- Barracuda Lurks like a Steel Torpedo

Fantastic Shots at Ol' Blue! This issue features three great pictures from one of the best dive sites in all the Caribbean - Ol' Blue Reef off the northwest shore of Bonaire. Check out these pictures, then visit the Ol' Blue website on the ReefNews webpage at

  Caribbean Reef Squid Dances in Midwater        Back to Top

We saw several Caribbean Reef Squid while we dove near Bonaire. This Reef Squid was nearly 2 feet long. Click here to learn how this squid checked us out.

  Star Coral Faces Erosion in the Shallows        Back to Top

There were amazing things to see when diving from the shore. This fantastic Star Coral was big and healthy, but the surge and waves pushed sand that was eroding its base. Click here to read all about it.

  Barracuda Lurks like a Steel Torpedo        Back to Top

Barracudas look ferocious but are mostly harmless to divers. We saw this big beauty near the shore about 8 feet underwater. Click here to see this fish up close.


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