Graysbys at Front Porch Reef



Graysby Info

A group of Graysbys lurk quietly near the wreck of the Cavalier State at Front Porch Reef on the island of Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles. These Graysbys are common at Front Porch Reef. Graysbys are related to groupers, and may be the most common type of grouper. They are often found near the reef, using their camouflage for protection. A Graysby is about 10 inches long, and can be identified by its spotted body. Note the dark spots near its dorsal fin (the fin on its back). These dark spots will help you tell the Graysby apart from a similar fish, the Red Hind. The Graysby's dark spots are sometimes white.

Note the Graysby hiding in the shadow, and the tail of another Graysby at the bottom of this photograph.

These fish are near the shipwrecked Cavalier State. A rope on the shipwreck is visible in this photograph.

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