Princess Parrotfish at Eagle Ray Roundup


Princess Parrotfish

Princess Parrotfish Info

A Princess Parrotfish swims above the reef at Eagle Ray Roundup. Parrotfish are among the most common and most colorful fishes on the reef. The Princess Parrotfish is a bright blue color, with bright pink or orange stripes on its fins and at the top and bottom of its tail. It also has dark blue or green stripes on its cheeks, and a bright yellow spot on its side behind its pectoral fin.

Princess Parrotfish eat algae that grow on rocks and corals. They have powerful jaws and teeth that look like the beak of a parrot. I have heard parrotfish crunching their teeth on a coral while I was swimming underwater.

This Princess Parrotfish was 12 inches long.

Eagle Ray Roundup is a reef at Jackson's Bight north of Little Cayman island. A bight is a bay formed by a curve in the coastline. Eagle Ray Roundup is a patch reef. Patch reefs are big coral heads that grow in patches on an ocean floor of sand. I have seen coral heads on a patch reef that were 30 feet tall and over 100 feet across.

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