White Margates at Eagle Ray Roundup


White Margate

White Margate Info

Two White Margates hide under a massive coral at Eagle Ray Roundup. White Margates are often found swimming above the patches of sand between the corals of a patch reef. A White Margate is really a shiny gray color, but its color blends in with the white color of the sand between the corals of a patch reef. These two White Margates were enjoying the shelter of an overhanging coral head.

A White Margate can be identified by its color and by its very high profile. A White Margate has a steeply sloping forehead. Notice that the top of its back is as high above its eye as its belly is below its eye.

These White Margates were each 16 inches long.

Eagle Ray Roundup is a reef at Jackson's Bight north of Little Cayman island. A bight is a bay formed by a curve in the coastline. Eagle Ray Roundup is a patch reef. Patch reefs are big coral heads that grow in patches on an ocean floor of sand.

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