Volume 5       Number 1

In this issue:
- Blue Tang of San Salvador
- Hurricane Fabian
- Hurricane Isabel
- New CD-ROM - San Salvador: Jewel of the New World


  Blue Tang of San Salvador        Back to Top

Blue Tangs are common and colorful reef fish found throughout the Caribbean. Click here to see this great photo of a Blue Tang from the island of San Salvador.


  Hurricane Fabian        Back to Top

Hurricane Fabian was a category-3 hurricane that slammed into Bermuda in September 2003. Click here to see a Macromedia Flash MX movie about this powerful storm.
This Flash Movie is 500 kB.

  Hurricane Isabel        Back to Top

Hurricane Isabel is even bigger than Hurricane Fabian. Where is this storm going to strike? Click here to learn about this storm.

  New CD-ROM - San Salvador: Jewel of the New World        Back to Top

ReefNews is pleased to announce the availability of its latest educational CD-ROM, "San Salvador: Jewel of the New World." San Salvador is a beautiful island in the Bahamas and is surrounded by spectacular coral reefs. San Salvador is thought by many to be the place where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. This CD-ROM features movies, photos, and cartoon animations with information about all of these aspects of San Salvador, including 90 underwater photos from San Salvador's reefs.



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