Volume 5       Number 16

In this issue:
- Trumpetfish Cleaned by Tiny Goby
- Yellowheaded Jawfish Struts its Stuff


ReefNews will finish up this school year with two excellent pictures from the reefs of Belize. We hope you'll enjoy these pictures, and we hope you'll have a great summer. We look forward to bringing you more news from the reefs in e-ReefNews Volume 6 next fall.


  Trumpetfish Cleaned by Tiny Goby        Back to Top

I've seen Gobies clean other fish before, but never one this tiny!
Click here to see this spectacular image up close.


  Yellowheaded Jawfish Struts its Stuff        Back to Top

Yellowheaded Jawfish are as bashful as they are spectacular. It is hard to take their picture before they disappear tail first into their burrows. Click here to read all about it.


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