Volume 6    Number 4

Peacock Flounder Hugs the Sand
at Grand Turk Pier

Peacock Flounder Hugs the Sand at Grand Turk Pier

The Peacock Flounder is a fish that hides against the sand. This fish was about 10 inches long. Notice the pattern of faint blue circles on its white body. This pattern gives the Peacock Flounder excellent camouflage as it hides on the white sand.

Notice this Peacock Flounder's mouth and eyes. The Peacock Flounder is a fish that lies on the bottom on its right side. So it can see well while it is resting on its side, both of its eyes are on the same side of its head. Both eyes of the Peacock Flounder are on their left cheeks, so Peacock Flounders are called "Left-cheek" Flounders. As you might guess, some other species of Flounders lie on their left sides and have their eyes on their right cheeks and are called "Right-cheek" Flounders.

Like the other pictures in this issue of e-ReefNews, we took this picture near the pier at the southwest corner of Grand Turk.

Compare this Peacock Flounder with another Peacock Flounder at a reef near Bimini from e-ReefNews Volume 4 Number 13, on the ReefNews website at



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