Atlantic Spotted Dolphins near Bimini

One reason ReefNews comes to Bimini is to see wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. Dolphins like these often swim with boats. The Dolphins like to swim beside the boat, surfing on the boat's wake or bow wave as the boat pushes the dolphins along. Dolphins can swim much faster than the maximum speed of these boats.

The staff of ReefNews has made several trips to Bimini to see and swim with these Dolphins. ReefNews has used the services of
Bimini Undersea Adventures,
which charters tours to see and to swim with these mammals

Dolphins are mammals. They swim to the surface to breathe air into their lungs. A Dolphin breathes through a blowhole on the top of its head. We watched these Dolphins swim in front of the boat. We stood on the bow of the boat to take these pictures. We could see the Dolphins stick their heads out of the water to breathe. They didn't even slow down. Sometimes a Dolphin would swim upside down, just to have fun playing with the boat.

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