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Bimini Tropical Sunrise

Bimini Tropical Sunrise

People visit tropical islands for many different reasons. Some people travel to see the exotic tropical coral reefs. Some people travel to swim in the ocean from beautiful sandy beaches. But some people visit these islands for views of beautiful tropical sunrises.

ReefNews photographer Tessa Dowell got up early to see the sun come up and was rewarded with this incredible photograph. The sun comes up over the shallow harbor between North Bimini and East Bimini, painting the sea a fluorescent red. Beautiful sunrises like this depend on clear air, which is another reason we must be careful about air pollution, even far from the oceans. We need clean air to breathe, and plants also need clean air to stay healthy. But life in the oceans also needs clean air, especially because pollutants can be washed from dirty air into the sea by rainfall.

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