Meet Tessa Dowell
ReefNews Photographer and Secretary/Treasurer

Tessa Dowell loves the oceans. The sound of the ocean as gentle waves wash up onto a beach is one of her favorite things.

Tessa Dowell learned to scuba dive in 1987. Tessa is a terrific scuba diver. She can hover motionless over a coral head, being careful not to touch the fragile animals of a living coral colony. Developing this skill takes practice, and is an important responsibility of scuba divers who want to protect the coral reef. Tessa has taken hundreds of photographs of the oceans and their living creatures. Tessa's skills as an underwater photographer make ReefNews possible.

Tessa Dowell loves all kinds of animals. Sharing her love of nature with students everywhere is why Tessa gives her time as the Secretary and Treasurer of ReefNews, Inc.

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