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Point Loma Geology


Waves create amazing rock formations.

Waves and runoff create amazing rock formations along the Point Loma coastline. Waves pound the rocky shoreline, causing erosion. Small rocks are worn smooth and round as these waves grind the rocks against each other. Unlike the sand of Caribbean beaches, the sand of California's Pacific coast is created by this erosion.

Layers of broken rock above the beach result from erosion of waves below.

As the coastline is worn away by the waves, the layers of rock above the beach are broken. Notice the large square rock beams of this broken rock in these pictures.

Rainfall erosion on Point Loma

Erosion from rainfall is another important geological force on Point Loma. The soft dirt of this slope is being washed away by the spray from waves as well as rainfall.

Point Loma Ridge under a rising bank of fog.

Coastal Sage Grassland runs down to the coast.

Plants cover the Point Loma ridge. These plants must be hardy to withstand the exposure to the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. The day ReefNews visited Point Loma, a cold bank of fog covered the ridge. Notice all the beautiful tiny flowers among the plants of this Coastal Sage Habitat.

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