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Cabrillo National Monument
San Diego, California


Cabrillo National Monument - Location

A high ridge called Point Loma creates a peninsula that guards the entrance to the San Diego Bay. Point Loma is the location of Cabrillo National Monument, a United States park that protects the amazing wildlife habitats found on this peninsula. The cold waters of the Pacific Ocean pound the rocky shores with waves, but the ocean's tides leave beautiful tide pools that are homes for some spectacular creatures. Cabrillo (say quickly, "cuh-BREE-yo") National Monument has been a U.S. park since 1913.

Tide Pools are exciting for explorers of all ages
Point Loma Tide Pools Point Loma Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat
Point Loma Geology Shaped by Water
Waves and Tides Define Point Loma

Point Loma towers 400 feet above the San Diego Bay. The ridge is crowned by the historic Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

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Cabrillo National Monument is named for Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first Spanish explorer ever to set foot in what would later be called California. Cabrillo reached San Diego Bay on September 28, 1542.

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