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Lighthouses on Point Loma


Old Point Loma Lighthouse

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse stands at the top of the Point Loma ridge. This lighthouse was built in 1854 and went into operation in 1855. The light from an oil lamp was focused by an enormous lens so it could be seen by ships on the ocean. Although the lighthouse was excellent in good weather, the summit of Point Loma was often obscured by clouds and fog. The fog was often so thick that the lighthouse didn't do any good. You can see examples of the fog that comes to Point Loma in the pictures on the ReefNews Point Loma website.

Modern Coast Guard Lighthouse near the Pacific Ocean Shore on the west coast of Point Loma

Today, a modern Coast Guard Lighthouse stands near the Pacific Ocean shore on the west coast of Point Loma. This location below the clouds helps the lighthouse warn ships in bad weather.

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