A Red Hind Waits on the Bottom


Red Hind

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A Red Hind rests on the bottom. Surrounded by a sandy sea floor covered with green algae and colorful invertebrates, a spotted Red Hind waits quietly. Red Hinds live in a variety of reef habitats. This fish was found in shallow water, but Red Hinds can live on the reef over 100 feet deep.

Red Hinds are members of a family of fishes that includes groupers, graysbys, and sea bass. Like many of these fishes, Red Hinds spend much time waiting quietly. These lurking hunters feed by lunging at small fish that come near during their active feeding times. Many fish feed at sunrise and sunset, and spend the rest of the day and night either resting or swimming quietly. The spots all over this fish help it stay hidden. Compare it with the spots on the graysbys found in deep water on the wreck of the Cavalier State.

This Red Hind was 10 inches long.

This photograph was taken by photographer Doug Bronski. Doug took this photograph on a trip to Grand Bahama island.

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