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Bonaire - Wildlife


Pair of Parakeets atop Cactus
Parakeet mates are seen together
eating the fruit of a cactus.
A colorful Troupial perches in
Washington Slagbaai National Park.
Flamingos characterize Bonaire. They are seen frequently at Goto Meer in the north and
Pekelmeer in the south.
Flamingos nest at Pekelmeer,
supporting a flock of 20000 birds
in Venezuela and the Netherlands Antilles.
Adult Flamingo at Sunset in Goto Meer
An adult Caribbean flamingo eats by filtering snails, insect larvae, and grass seeds from the water of Goto Meer.
Juvenile Flamingos are Gray
Juvenile flamingos are gray, while adults are pink.
Bananaquits Feeding on Sugar
Yellow-bellied bananaquits eat sugar from a birdfeeder.
Bird in Flight
This unidentified yellow bird flies from its perch on a cactus.
Goats Run Wild
Goats run wild on Bonaire. Note the piece of cactus caught in the adult goat's coat.

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