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Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles - Location

Bonaire is an island in the Netherlands Antilles. It is 50 miles north of the coast of Venezuela, South America. Bonaire has two islands: Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Bonaire is a small coral island, only 20 miles long and 3-7 miles wide. Located at the south side of the Caribbean Sea, Bonaire is located in an upwelling of the Atlantic Ocean. Cool, nutrient-rich ocean water rises from the deep to the surface near Bonaire. This water is rich with plankton and other nutrients, making the reefs near Bonaire some of the most spectacular in the world. This water also is cool. Cool water from the ocean's depths reduces rainfall, making Bonaire a dry, desert island.

The capital city of Bonaire is Kralendijk (say "CRAWL-in-dike").

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