Meet Dana Lippiatt Wood
ReefNews Teacher, Editor, and Director

Avast, Mateys! I am the one who doesn't dive under water. Still, there are many other ways to learn about and enjoy the big, blue deep. Oceans cover most of our earth and that makes them very important to all of us. Oceans have a lot to do with what happens in the weather. Much of our food comes from the oceans. There are many animals in the oceans that we must protect. People study the oceans in many ways. Some study weather and ocean currents while others look at the oceans' mountains and valleys. Many people spend their lives learning about ocean mammals like whales and dolphins, and others are interested in fish. There are many, many jobs that have to do with our oceans. And don't forget the oceans' beauty and mystery! Authors write books, poets write poetry, and artists paint pictures; all about the ocean. Ever see the movie "Abyss"? How about "Titanic" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"? There are many books and movies we wouldn't enjoy without the oceans and people to write about them. Even though I don't dive into the ocean, I do enjoy its fishes and mammals, and I like to sail on top of the waves and walk along the beach. I love to read sea stories and poetry. I hope to share all of those things about the oceans with you. So, steady as you go! Visit ReefNews for notions of oceans, beliefs about reefs, wishes for fishes, tales about whales, and many sagas of the seven seas.

Dana poses with her mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Dana is sitting on the right, Dana's daughter Kristen is sitting on the left, and they are holding Dana's granddaughter Katie between them. Dana's mother, Jan, is standing behind them.

Dana plays with her granddaughter, Katie, and Winnie the Sheepdog.

Dana Lippiatt is a Director of ReefNews. Her college degree is in English, which helps her edit the ReefNews publications. Dana has been a teacher in the Albuquerque public schools.

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