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The oceans are home to many kinds of animals. By "critters," we just mean animals besides fishes. The oceans are home to reptiles, mammals, and animals without backbones (invertebrates).

Reptiles are cold-blooded, air breathing animals. As you might expect, reptiles live in warm oceans. Oceanic reptiles include sea turtles and sea snakes.

Mammals are warm-blooded, air-breathing animals. Because their bodies heat their blood, oceanic mammals can live in the coldest oceans. Oceanic mammals also live in the warmer oceans. Oceanic mammals include whales and dolphins.

Invertebrates are animals without backbones. Invertebrates are the most numerous type of animals on planet earth. Invertebrates include corals, sponges, hydroids, worms, jellyfish, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, starfish, tunicates, and many other animals.


Photos of Reptiles
Photos of Mammals
Photos of Invertebrates

Photos of Reptiles
Giant Loggerhead Turtle
Green Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle
Loggerhead Turtle
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Photos of Mammals
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
More Atlantic Spotted Dolphins!
Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphin
California Sea Lion
Harbor Seals
Harbor Seals near San Diego
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Photos of Invertebrates
Shrimp and Lobster
   Banded Coral Shrimp
   Caribbean Spiny Lobster
   Batwing Coral Crab
   King Crab
   Shore Crab
   Stone Crab
Snails and Shellfish
   Flamingo Tongue Snail
   Owl Limpet in Tide Pool
   Periwinkle Snail
   Top Snails in Tide Pool
Worms of All Kinds
   Christmas Tree Worm on Star Coral
   Social Feather-Duster Worms (with great close-up)
   Split-Crown Feather Duster
Sponges - Colonies of Thousands of Animals
   Orange Barrel Sponge
   Pink Vase Sponge
   Yellow Tube Sponge
Other Creatures
   Goose-Necked Barnacles
   Pelagic Tunicate
   Scaled Chiton
   Solitary Anemone in Tide Pool
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